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InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries2 months ago
InTerris Registries is launching a new module! With the generic import module most 3rd party data can now be imported into the InTerris Registries database system. As long as a few technically mandatory fields are present this gives a lot of flexibility when receiving data from 3rd parties that do not use the InTerris Registries system, or when using a different data collection tool in the field. Tabular data for the following levels can be imported: Field data, Artifacts sorting data, Photos and Drawings data, basic analytical data for Feature relations, Feature Structures and Phases, and finally Specialist analytical data when also using the InTerris Registries Specialist data module.
InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries5 months ago
We are currently rolling out the new InTerris Registries software version 5. This version is an update that will allow true multilingual use of the system. Not only the use of and switching between different language is supported, but within each language it is now possible to create user defined sub language lists. Don't want to use the default value 'Unit', 'Planum', 'Artifact' etc.? Simply change these to something that is more appropriate for your situation, such as for example 'Trench', 'Level', 'Find', etc. This feature even allows users to define multiple different semantic sets for different types of field projects that each demand their own lexicon.
InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries6 months ago
Currently we are temporarily working from Europe.

All development work and support continues as usual.

To contact us, please use email. Our phone number is not available for phone calls, but can still be used through WhatsApp for messages and internet calls.

Watch this space for news regarding upcoming software updates.
InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries10 months ago
While we are all mostly still working from home and in case you are wondering what InTerris Registries is all about and what it could do for you and your organization, have (another) listen at the Archaeotech podcast Episode 102, on the Archaeology Podcast Network, and learn more about the InTerris Registries system.
InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries1 year ago
To all InTerris Registries users:

As we all try to make the best of the current situation regarding the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, we at QLC Inc. and InTerris Registries try to keep our services ongoing. In practice this means that we currently no longer are able to offer on-site support.

However, due to the nature of our services and products, we are able to continue our online support. This means that most of our services can continue as normal. These services include but are not limited to: distribution of new and continuation of existing software licenses, and online support for installation, implementation, training and project based consultancy.

Finally, for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown crisis we will offer a 15% discount on all our base prices. This discount is valid for both software licensing as well as our hourly consultancy rates for on-line support.

The InTerris Registries team.
InTerris Registries
InTerris Registries1 year ago
Updated March 22:

Our plans to be present with a booth in the vendor space at the 2020 SCA meeting in Riverside California, March 12-15, were cancelled due to cancellation of the conference related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The next conference we would attend with a booth in the exhibitor space would be the SAA annual meeting in Austin Texas, April 22-26. As of March 12 the SAA annual meeting was cancelled as well.

We will monitor any communications regarding the possible cancellation of any other conferences and meetings for the fall of 2020.