System Functionalities

Project management

entry and management of project information. Management of all projects in one database or in separate databases. Functionalities for project progress monitoring are present.

Field data

entry and management of field provenience. Trenches/Units, Plana/Levels, Features/Strata, etc.

Artifact data

entry and management of artifact data, artifact sorting in material categories and sub categories. Also the grouping of artifact into an object (artifact group) is possible.

Specialist/Lab data

integration, entry and management of specialist/lab data. Add specialist/lab analysis tables to the system which are used within the organization.

Curation and Repository data

manage curation and repository data for artifacts. Add barcodes for easy retrieval of artifacts. Container/Box contents and curation and repository management.

Analysis options

grouping of data such as features into phases and structures. Easy image retrieval and map generation by data filtering throughout the system.

Image data

entry and management of images. Field and object photos as well as field and object drawings and vectorized field drawings, directly linked to the database content.

GIS functionality

vectorizing functionality of field drawings to achieve a topologically correct archaeological GIS dataset, directly linked to the database content, without the need for extensive knowledge of GIS systems. Extended automated field measurement import options.

Various hardware options

use of barcodes, scales and calipers connected to the system for quicker and error free data entry and management.

Query and monitoring functionality

possibility to create, execute and store data queries.

System management functionality

Make user profiles with different access rights within the system. Customize the system based on which fields should be used or not within an organization.

Import export conversion options

extensive options throughout the system to export the database or subsets to other file formats. Options to integrate external map layers. Combine project databases.