About QLC Inc.

QLC_inc database software for archaeology

QLC Inc. and InTerris Registries™ is an initiative by Michiel Kappers to better serve the (North) American market. After first having set up QLC in the Netherlands, together with Willem Schnitger and Elsbeth Westerman, it was decided to split up the marketing of both areas and create a permanent representation across the Atlantic of initially ArcheoLINK – Americas and now InTerris Registries™. All three founders, with their backgrounds in archaeology, have been working together for several years and carried out a lot of automation work for numerous archaeological projects in The Netherlands and the Caribbean region.

QLC Inc. specializes in automated data processing for archaeological projects. Within this the emphasis is mainly focusing on the by QLC Inc. specifically for archaeology developed Archaeological Information System (A.I.S.) InTerris Registries™, but also offers client specific hands on digital data services for any archaeological project.

QLC Inc. is not the average i.t. company as it is run by specialized archaeologists. All founders of QLC The Netherlands first and QLC Inc. USA later, have a background in archaeology. This means QLC Inc. can be the ideal partner for institutes and companies that are in need of a modern and responsible way of archaeological data processing.

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